Check Willie’s Wings at The Truck Stop

With the opening of The Truck Stop food truck park, the first truck I wanted to check out was the one that started it all, Willie’s Wings. This is a local truck specializing in fenders (you guessed it).

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They have a range of unique and tasty sauces and rubs to choose from. Every time I go there it’s like I’m dealing with my appetite and we fight and can’t decide which sauces to get. Half the time I just ask Willie for suggestions. This time he agreed and suggested the chilli cheese with the hot dry rub, which he said was the bestseller at the Truck Stop.

Last time I visited Willie’s Wings while working in a North Wichita storefront, he was having supply issues with the quality of his wings. This tour was a big improvement on that. The wings were noticeably fuller and better. I particularly liked the hot Rub dry. Despite its name translating to hot/hot, the rub was not spicy at all. It was sweeter than anything else, but still provided a vibrant, flavorful explosion of deliciousness in your mouth.

As for the wings, they were excellent and Willie’s Wings is a great staple for the food truck fleet. With the number of sauces and marinades available, you’ll be hard pressed to find anything you don’t like.

If you’ve never been to The Truck Stop, here’s a video idea of ​​what to expect.

@wichitabyeb Who doesn’t love a good food truck park? Introducing the Truck Stop in Wichita, Ks. Does your city have something similar? #fyp #foodtrucks #letseat #wings ♬ original sound – wichitabyeb

Here is their menu:

Willie's Wings

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Good meal,

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