Cars with the longest production runs

Popular cars have a way to make their place in the hearts of drivers. Read on to find out which cars had the longest production runs.

Changing times call for innovation in all sectors, including the automotive industry. This is why most cars do not survive on the market for more than 2 to 5 years. However, some cars don’t just win the hearts of consumers, they become household names, surviving in popularity decade after decade. And because of that, manufacturers never take them off the books. They improve these cars, modify the engines a little bit maybe, but the original soul of this car remains intact. Today, these are the cars with the longest production runs in the world. Here are a few cars that have thrived in the market for decades.

Chevrolet Suburban


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Manufacturing of Chevrolet Suburban cars began in 1935 in the Chevrolet unit of General Motors and continues today. An interesting fact about these cars is that they were consistently produced even during WWII due to their use as a military vehicle. The total production cycle of this car is 86 years and continues. In 2015, the Suburban celebrated its 80e birthday or 10e million units of the Suburban were also produced.

Volkswagen Beetle


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The Volkswagen Beetle, known as the “people’s car”, is one of the cars with the longest production runs. Production of the Beetle began in 1938 in Germany and lasted 65 years until 2003. The car was developed to provide affordable and fast transportation for people, with costs similar to those of a motorcycle. Today the car is considered an icon in the automotive industry. Volkswagen has sold over 21 million units of the Type 1 Beetle, making it the 4e best-selling car ever.

Jeep CJ


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Jeep CJs are a series of small, open-body all-terrain vehicles that have gained immense popularity. These have undergone many modifications and versions over the years and have been produced by the Jeep car brand. CJ, short for Civilian Jeep, was the first mass-produced civilian four-wheel drive transmission. The Jeep was the by-product of the military jeep used in WWII and modified after the war to become a civilian vehicle.

Ford F series


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Ford’s F-series trucks were first manufactured in 1948 as large trucks. The Ford Ranger was a study pickup, as well as a series of super-utility and commercial trucks. The most popular vehicle in the series is the Ford F-150 pickup truck which is currently running in its 14e generation. Due to their tremendous success in the market, the F series trucks have continued to evolve and meet customer needs. Ford also introduced medium-duty trucks and traditional “heavy-duty” trucks of the same series.

Citroën 2CV


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Citroën 2CV, which means “two horsepower (s)” is a French car that was built as an economy family car. The vehicle featured an air-cooled front engine and front-wheel drive and is one of the most efficient economy cars with the longest production period. Introduced in 1948, the car attracted families who used horses and carts as their primary form of transportation. It has the unique combination of innovative engineering and utility bodywork with thin metal reinforced panels. The appearance of the car earned it the title of “umbrella on wheels”.

Ambassador of Hindustan



Ambassador Hindustan deserves a special mention here, although it is no longer in production. It was the first car made in India in 1958 and had a glorious production of 56 years until its scrapping in 2014. During her lifetime she became a household name for most Indians, she is has become synonymous with car in India and has even served as the official vehicle for most netas, dignitaries and government officials. Ambassadors are a rare sight on the roads today, but even a single glimpse of this car brings back memories for most Indians.

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