Car, Truck and Motorbike Show and Swap planned to help raise funds for the Teen Adult Challenge


Calling all car enthusiasts!

On August 14 from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., the Adult & Teen Challenge of the 4 State (ATC) will host a first-of-its-kind fundraiser for the program, a show and a car, truck and motorcycle swap on its campus by Neosho. to 18527 E. Hwy. 86.

ATC is a national and global Christian and faith-based residential care program for young adults and those struggling with life control issues and includes residents who contact or are in the program for help. assigned on probation or parole.

Programs at the Neosho ATC typically last 12 months, a residential recovery center for males 18 and older seeking substance release and consist of individual and group Bible study, work projects, education , leisure and more.

Discussions for the first annual car, truck and motorcycle show and trade began last spring, just as COVID started to become a bigger issue. Originally slated for last September, it was canceled about a month before it was supposed to happen.

“We basically wanted to model what a normal auto show would look like in terms of what kind of cars to have here, what to expect, and then we expanded it from there to make it unique,” ​​said the ATC Campus Pastor, Reverend Jeff Higgins. . “In the sense of having something for children to adults.”

Another member of the community who reflected on the initial event last year was Paul Richardson, who is in motorcycle ministry with ATC.

“(Paul) helped a lot with… we’ve never done it before, so he helped with what we do, how we do it, the whole ball of wax really,” Higgins added.

The idea of ​​the first fundraiser of its kind for TAC is twofold.

The first is to organize a different type of fundraiser than the program has ever done to continue raising funds for their operating costs and the second is to educate people in the community who are not necessarily in the know. aware of everything the program does.

“This (show) lets the whole community know, or a different sect, to know that we are here and the work that we do here,” Higgins said. “And so, that’s why we’re having the on-site auto show here so they can see what we’re doing here and where we’re doing it. “

In addition to the standard auto, truck and motorcycle show which will have several classes, $ 10 if pre-registered and $ 15 at the door, there will also be space for an exchange meeting, 20 $ per 10 ‘x 10’ space.

With the aim of making the event user-friendly for all ages, there will also be a miniature car exhibition and an area for free remote control car racing and trophies will be awarded from vintage car parts.

This adds up to a kids’ section with makeup, balloon animals, a game for kids, and a model display if anyone wants to bring their models of cars, trucks or planes.

Higgins ATC thanked the local auto companies who contributed to the event which included Parson’s Automotive, Griffith Auto Sales and Poore Truck and Auto Salvage and said a fundraiser like this could take place at the future, depending on how the show unfolds on Saturday.

To learn more about Neosho ATC, visit or call 417-451-2980.

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