Car and motorcycle review bonus, more than 40,000 questions in one month: how to request it –

One month after the activation of the Safe Vehicles Bonus platform, 23,645 refunds of 9.95 euros are paid by Motorists to compensate for the price increases taken from November 1, 2021 for the servicing of motor vehicles (up to to 35 quintals), vehicles, mopeds and minibuses (up to 15 seats) in approved workshops. According to data collected on February 4, 40,918 users (40,796 natural persons and 122 legal persons) submitted applications for revisions carried out between November 1 and December 31, 2021. From March 1, it will be possible to request the premium for those carried out by January 1, 2022.

Review, 22% increases

Increases for the overhaul of cars and motorcycles started in November 2021. The increase, introduced with the 2021 finance law, is equal to 22% of the base rate if the overhaul is carried out. to Civil Motorization (from 45 to 54.95 euros), while if you go to a private center affiliated with the basic rate, you must add VAT (22%), the price of the motorization (10.20 euros) and the costs of postage (1.78 euros). In total, they are 79.02 euros, 18% more than the previous 66.88. The increase, driven by the adjustment of Istat indices, comes at a time when consumers are already having to bear the brunt of soaring fuel prices.

How to claim the bonus

But what is the bonus? The fee for the overhaul of cars, motorcycles and vans, stopped since 2007, has increased from November 2020 and the government to mitigate the impact has provided compensation of 9.95 euros which can be used by those who have done or will do the review from November 1, 2021 to October 31, 2024. The pick-up is only valid once for a single car. To apply, you must first register on the platform via the identifiers of the digital identity Spid, or the electronic identity card (Cie) or the national service card (Cns). Then you must complete the form with this information: vehicle registration number (which must be in the name of the same person requesting the refund), date and place of the service, last name, first name and email address of the holder and Iban. A copy of the proof of payment for the revision must then be attached to the document. The refund will arrive on the current account.

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