Call to help paralyzed dad after motorcycle crash near Milton Keynes


The family of a father of two who was left paralyzed in a motorcycle accident appealed to raise funds to help with the cost of medical equipment and lifestyle changes.

Karl Major, 32, suffered horrific injuries after the accident at Moulsoe near Newport Pagnell at 6:50 a.m. on September 23 on his way to work. His injuries included a shattered pelvis and spine which, after emergency surgery, left him paralyzed from waist to toe.

Karl’s sister Jolene said the family was devastated, especially as Karl’s father was following eight cars behind and saw the crash. He quickly entered the scene and knows how lucky Karl was not to lose his life.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help Karl Major, pictured with his son Freddie

Jolene said: “We are a family of motorcyclists and Karl is an experienced rider, but it was a huge shock and so worrying. Karl was taken to John Radcliffe Hospital where visits are limited which was difficult. But he’s better now.

“Mentally he knows he was lucky, but physically it took its toll as he had broken ribs which still made breathing quite difficult and painful.”

Karl, who lives with his partner Alicja and two sons Freddie six and Archie one, in Olney, is now waiting to be transferred to Stoke Mandeville Hospital for re-education. But the family say they will need specialized equipment when they return home and hope to raise £ 5,000 with £ 1,635 already raised to reach the goal.

Karl’s GoFundMe page explains, “Karl is a loving and dedicated father and also has an amazing partner. Unfortunately his girlfriend is currently working hourly because she cares about money and can afford their future.

“They are currently living in a top floor apartment and will need to move, and they will need a mobility vehicle so Karl can get in and out more easily and he will need wheelchair space. They will also need hoists. in and around the house as well as disability bars and maybe even a special bed.The list goes on longer than that, but this is just one example.

“After Karl is released from the hospital in about a month, he will need his partner to take care of him, which is again more money worries for them.

“So please, whether it’s 50p or £ 10, every little bit will help Karl and his family.”

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Karl was riding a Yamaha motorcycle when he collided with a Seat Ibiza on the A509 London Road and at the junction of Newport Road near junction 14 of the M1. For the story see here

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