Best Motorcycle Stand for 2022

Motorcycles are great for many reasons, and one of those reasons is that it’s usually easier for a home mechanic to perform routine maintenance. Unfortunately, the specialized nature of a bike means that you will need specialized equipment to mount it, take it off and fly it. They’re motorcycle stands, of course, and the good news is that they’re not terribly expensive and there’s plenty to choose from.

Of course, there are also some considerations you need to make as a stand buyer to make sure you get the right stands for your bike and your needs, but that’s where we come in. Our best motorcycle stand recommendations are made based on experience, extensive research, reviews and sales data and will provide you with simplified maintenance and even a better experience on the race track.


For most people who regularly need a motorcycle rear stand, their need comes from taking their bike to the trail. A kickstand is an easy way to get the rear wheel off the ground to speed up tire changes or make fitting tire warmers easier. For most of these trail riders, they will already have what are called spools on their rear swingarm to act as crash protection and a place to quickly and safely lift the rear wheel off the bike.

If you have swingarm spools (or are planning to fit them on your bike), the best rear paddock stand you can buy is from the Woodcraft brand. Its sturdy steel construction and four wheels make it the rear lift of choice for serious cyclists.


Another benefit of having a rear kickstand comes in the form of dramatically simplified motorcycle maintenance. Being able to quickly lift the rear wheel off the ground means cleaning and lubricating your bike’s drivetrain is no longer a hassle of chasing the bike around the driveway to get every part. A bike stand also simplifies the work of the rear brakes and suspension.

If your sport bike doesn’t have spools and you don’t plan on having one, the Oxford Big Black Rear Kickstand will support your bike’s double-sided swingarm on pads that will prevent damage and provide great stability.


So now that the rear wheel of your bike is off the ground, what about the front wheel? If you don’t want to leave the front tire on the ground with a wheel chock, there are two general styles of front bike stands and the first is a forklift stand. These work either by inserting pins into your bike’s hollow front axle, or more generally by supporting the area under the axle in a cradle.

When it comes to this style of paddock stand, we recommend the Woodcraft Adjustable Forklift Stand. Like everything Woodcraft does, this bike stand is very high quality with an adjustable lift height to allow you to find the right balance between height and leverage. It also has four five-inch wheels for added stability.


The other style of forehead support that we see most often is called the head lift support. It works by inserting a pin into the bottom of your head tube and lifting the bike from there. This allows better access to fork tubes and the like.

Our favorite head-lift style mount comes from Vortex and in addition to being well made, we love that it comes with five different pins to allow it to fit a variety of head tubes. Like the Woodcraft Stand, it has four sturdy wheels, making it super stable.


Dirt bikes are highly specialized motorcycles and as such require a special type of bike stand. This is largely down to their long-travel suspension and increased ground clearance that would make other mounts less useful.

Our favorite pit bike lift jack for dirt bikes is from Matrix Concepts and we love it because it has a really solid base with big rubber feet for stability and it also has a long pedal to give an additional mechanical advantage to lift your bike. Bonus points for this motorcycle jack also being available in multiple colors, to match your bike.


All of the best motorcycle stands we have discussed so far are meant to be carried in a truck or on a trailer and used in a garage or paddock. What do you do if you need to perform rear tire service or an emergency repair (although Tirox does not recommend this) on a motorcycle during a ride or extended trip, but your bike has no no built-in center bear?

That’s what the Tirox SnapJack is for. This thing is awesome and considering its low cost, every serious biker should have one. It’s super simple to use, super compact making it easy to transport or store and comes with everything you need to get this sport bike wheel off the ground safely, including a velcro strap for your front brake. We cannot recommend it highly enough.

Comparison of the best motorcycle stands for 2022

Motorcycle stand type Model Cost
Best Rear Motorcycle Stand for Bikes with Reels

Woodcraft Coiled Back Support


Best Rear Motorcycle Stand For Bikes Without Coils

Oxford Big Black Rear Bike Stand


Best Front Forklift Motorcycle Stand

Woodcraft Adjustable Forklift Stand


Best Front Head Lift Motorcycle Stand

Vortex front head lift bracket


Best motorcycle stand for dirt bikes

Matrix Concepts LS1 Lift Stand


Best Portable Motorcycle Stand

Tirox SnapJack V2


No matter how cool your bike looks, at some point it will have to get its wheels off the ground.


Why do you need a motorcycle stand

The answer to this question is quite simple: because you need to get your motorcycle wheels off for some reason. This could be because you need to change wheels or tires, or maybe you need to service your sports bike chain. Maybe you’re on the racetrack and have tire warmers to make sure the rubber is warm in the paddock before you go out for a few laps. Purpose-built motorcycle stands are the safest and most economical way to achieve these goals.

The key to making sure you buy the right stands is to know your bike and what kind of job you will want to do. Do you have spools (sacrificial parts that your axle goes through to help prevent damage in the event of a bike fall) or will you need a wheel stand that lifts off the swingarm itself?

Would you like to be able to completely disassemble the forks of your bike? Next, a head mount will be needed, as most front mounts lift off the bottom of the fork legs. Got a dirt bike with all kinds of ground clearance and long travel suspension? You will also need a specially designed wheel stand for this.

As with any type of vehicle lifting equipment, it is important to understand how to properly use your equipment and to carefully follow all manufacturer’s guidelines.


Motorcycle Stands FAQ

What are the different types of motorcycle stands?

There are several styles of stands for the front and rear of motorcycles. Which one you use depends on your bike and your needs, but the two most common are coil pit stands and axle lift stands for the front.

How to use a motorcycle stand?

Place the contact area of ​​the wheel carrier under the swingarm or spools at the rear and using the lever provided by the handle, push down. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Why put a motorcycle on a kickstand?

To lift the wheels off the ground which will make tire changes possible and chain maintenance much easier.

Are universal motorcycle stands really universal?

Yes and no. Most wheel stands will work with most bikes, but you should check with your motorcycle manufacturer and the stand manufacturer to make sure they are compatible.

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