African Hulk: Video Of Strong Man Dragging Truck With His Mouth Sparks Massive Backlash Online

  • A young Tanzanian, Enoch, showed his incredible strength in a video that has gone viral
  • Enock lifted a motorbike with a person sitting on it and also pulled a truck with cargo like they were nothing
  • A lot of people who reacted to his video his video said they didn’t think there were many strong people like him

A young man, Enoch, of incredible abilities has been hailed online after Afrimax English shared his clip online.

In a YouTube video, the man could be seen pulling a truck with people inside with his mouth. At one point in the video, he placed his hand under some bricks as a hammer went through them.

The man lifted a bucket of stone with a person standing on it. image source: YouTube/Afrimax
Source: UGC

21st Century Samson

In another part of the clip, he carried a motorcycle as a man was placed in the seat of the machine. He even pushed a car over and overturned it.

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Many people who reacted to Enoch’s video were impressed by his incredible show of force.

Watch his video below: compiled some of the reactions below:

Khyodeno Patton said:

“He definitely needs the recognition he deserves. Incredible.”

Terence Robinson said:

“I bet he can bite through a jawbreaker. What a blessing.”

Blu said:

“They need to convince this guy to do toothpaste commercials.”

iskyjysky said:

“Not only Africa’s Hulk but, World’s Hulk!”

Simply say:

“wow a 21st century Samson…that’s cool.”

Wanda Sanders said:

“Wow, so awesome. There’s no one like him. Wow.”

Thomism 101 said:

“What’s remarkable is that he doesn’t look like a specimen of deep strength outwardly.”

Fanny Hightower said:

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“Wow that’s awesome and strong man I’ve never seen anything like it.”

A man pulled a truck with his body

Meanwhile, earlier reported that a video of an athlete pulling weights dragging a truck with ropes tied around his body has gone viral on both Instagram and Tik Tok.

In the clip, many people surrounded the man as some took out their phones to capture the moment.

After a few seconds of a great attempt, the man exerted a lot of energy by slowly setting the truck in motion.


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