5 pro tips for riding a motorcycle during the monsoon

If you are a motorcycle fan, you will experience the thrill of zooming on open roads for hours on end. But while riding during summers or other seasons can be easier, the process of driving becomes much more difficult during monsoons. Slippery roads are the leading cause of motorcycle accidents.

Did you know that between 2010-2012, there were 382, ​​352 and 457 fatalities caused by bicycle accidents during the monsoons in Florida? If you want to ride a bike during the rainy season, here are some tips you need to keep in mind to avoid serious injury or even death.

  1. No speeding

The first and most important thing to remember is not to drive too fast or recklessly under any circumstances.

When riding on a wet track, you lose grip, which leads to loss of control of your motorcycle. The ideal speed to maintain is around 30-50 km / h, where you can easily control your motorcycle.

If there is fog or smog where you plan to ride, it is even better to reduce speed further until you feel comfortable and safe. Riding at a safe speed ensures that you will be able to avoid any mishaps. Try not to ride for the first few showers, as the leaking oil and coolant is washed away during this time.

  1. Maintain a safe distance

It is always best to maintain a good distance between your bike and the vehicle in front of you, regardless of the season. But during monsoons it becomes even more important. Due to the loss of traction, it becomes more difficult to stop your bike on a wet road to avoid a collision.

Also, don’t follow a car too closely. A car can miss a pothole or two, but not a bicycle. And the water projected behind the wheels of the car will make it even more difficult to see or drive.

  1. Brake gently

It is best to use both disc and drum brakes on your motorcycle while braking. If you only use the front disc brakes during the monsoon, there may be poor slip. The drum brakes will also not be able to deliver much power at this time.

Ideally, you should gently squeeze the drum brakes and tap the disc brakes. This will reduce the speed at which you are driving and make it easier to brake. Get your brakes and brake fluid checked if you haven’t ridden a bike for a long time.

  1. Focus on the road

When riding a bike, it’s best to keep an eye on the road and focus on it. Watch out for potholes, muddy puddles, stray animals, pedestrians and foggy weather.

Never ride your bike while talking on the phone or listening to music, especially during the rainy season. You need to focus entirely on the road and what lies ahead.

If visibility is poor, watch for road signs and traffic lights. When parking or stopping your bike, avoid trees as they could be struck by lightning and a broken branch may fall right on top of your bike.

  1. Avoid waterlogged roads

Just as too much water can damage cars, it can damage your bike as well. The batteries, engine, and other parts of your motorcycle can be severely damaged. It is therefore best to avoid waterlogged roads as much as possible. As you ride, press gently so that water does not enter through the exhaust pipe.

Waterlogged areas can also hide potholes and if you’re not careful enough your bike can get stuck there. Driving in these areas will also take much longer to reach your destination, so avoid them at all costs.

  1. Ride with appropriate equipment

Cyclists are very vulnerable to road accidents, which is why you should always ride with the correct monsoon gear. Purchase a full face helmet, waterproof riding jacket and pants, and safety pads. These will protect you while riding and absorb most of the impact in the event of a fall.

It’s your turn…

Before you take your bike out for a monsoon ride, have it checked and repaired. A healthy bike will perform much better and be safer on the roads.

You also won’t have to worry about breakdowns and damage while driving. Clean your bike from mud and dirt after every ride and take the necessary precautions at all times. If you are caring and responsible, you will have a safe and wonderful experience on your trip.

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