10 things we know about the NAWA Racer electric motorcycle

When NAWA unveiled the development plan for the NAWA Racer electric motorcycle, it seemed like an impossible futuristic project, and it drew quite a bit of reaction among gearboxes. Enough waiting; NAWA has just unveiled the world’s first battery-powered hybrid motorcycle! And that places it at the forefront of electric motorcycle production.

Scheduled to be launched at the EICMA show in Italy, the NAWA Racer promises 186 miles of range on urban roads, thanks to the hybrid of ultra-capacitors and lithium-ion cells. NAWA Racer has everything to establish itself in the industry as one of the coolest electric motorcycles and to boost interest in battery-powered motorcycles. There is so much to watch out for, but here are some cool things we know about the NAWA Racer Electric Motorcycle.

ten First of its kind!

Superb NAWA RACer
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The NAWA Racer Electric Motorcycle is unprecedented in its use of a “hybrid” battery system. The hybrid battery system uses the company’s regular lithium-ion battery and next-generation ultracapacitors. Powerful electrical energy storage provides faster recharge rates and longer lifespans / unlimited recharge cycles. NAWA’s nano-based ultracapacitors (called NAWACap) offer ten times more power and five times more energy than common ultracapacitors.

NAWA Racer Left Side
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Nano-based ultracapacitors combine with lithium-ion cells to unleash the maximum potentials of the hybrid battery system. Ultracapacitors also increase acceleration because they discharge faster, and faster discharge equals faster acceleration. As a result, the motorcycle has an astonishing 186 miles of range on urban roads. Ultracapacitors also help save energy otherwise wasted during braking. It converts kinetic energy and stores it as electrical energy for future use.

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9 The lightest, the fastest

NAWA racing bike
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Built with carbon fiber and lightweight composites, the high performance motorcycle has a light weight of 150kg. The hybrid battery system is an integral part of the carbon fiber material of the bike. The NAWACap is lightweight and the lithium-ion battery is much smaller than that of conventional sports motorcycles.

NAWA race before
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This NAWA Racer is around 25% lighter than most conventional electric superbikes. The Harley-Davidson Livewire, for example, weighs around 249 kg, while the Tactica T-RACE M weighs 168 kg. The weight of the Nawa Racer inevitably improves its speed, agility and range.

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8 Use and save energy

Man on NAWA Racer

Using NAWACap ultracapacitors, the Racer conserves over 80% of the energy otherwise spent while braking.

NAWA Race Lights
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The energy captured by regenerative braking is released during the next acceleration. Capturing so much energy with NAWACap start-stop technology is what allows the premium motorcycle to double its city range to 186 miles and gives it a top speed of 100 mph.

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seven Maximum speed at maximum power

The beauty of NAWA Racer
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The NAWA Racer’s electric motor produces 100 hp, with a 0 to 60 mph time of just three seconds. It has a top speed of 100 mph.

NAWA Racer is beautiful
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Compared to other high end electric motorcycles, this is impressive. The Fuell Fllow, for example, has a top speed of 85 mph and produces 45 hp, while the Tarform Luna has a top speed of 90 mph and 55 hp.

6 Simple retro design never fails

White NAWA Racer
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Although the NAWA Racer is inspired by the cafe racers of the 1960s, it brilliantly combines inspiration with a modern look. This modern and retro look is achieved thanks to the lightweight composite panels and the rear arm painted in aluminum, copper and black. These are based on a carbon fiber frame. The motorcycle also contains a motor in the wheel located in the rear wheel without a hub. The modern retro look is further sealed by LED lighting for the headlights and taillights, matt black anodized suspension forks and a vintage nubuck leather saddle.

NAWA Racer Right Side
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A major unique feature of the Racer is the split battery positioning. The ultracapacitor pack is located in the upper area of ​​the tank, while the lithium-ion battery is mounted low in the chassis, where a conventional internal combustion engine would have been. The bike’s design shows a clear separation between the two battery slots, and the tank top panel allows for easy access and replacement of the NAWACap ultracapacitor pack.

5 Hubless rear means precise braking and more

NAWA Racer Tire
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The NAWA Racer features a hubless rear electric motor that delivers up to 100 hp, reaching a top speed of 160 km / h.

NAWA Racer Rear
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The hubless rear wheel not only enhances the beauty of this masterpiece, but also has several functional advantages, including faster acceleration and torque. It also allows more efficient braking while consuming less engine power and energy.

4 1, 2, 3 seconds of maximum acceleration

Right side of white NAWA Racer
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This high quality motorcycle has a motor in the wheels that produces 100 horsepower, propelling the motorcycle from rest to 60 mph in just three seconds.

NAWA Racer is a high-tech motorcycle
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Its top speed of 100 mph will still be available regardless of the charge level of the lithium-ion battery. This is made possible by the high power characteristics of the ultracapacitor, which continuously maintains response and performance.

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3 Superbike with supercharging

Beautiful NAWA Racer Left Side
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According to NAWA, the ultracondensing battery charges in just two minutes, while the lithium-ion battery can charge up to 80% in just one hour.

NAWA racing motorcycle
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High energy density and high power batteries are more reliable, especially with the ultracapacitor having up to one million life cycles. When fully charged, this classic electric bike can accelerate to a top speed of 100 mph (100 mph) over a range of 300 km in an urban environment.

2 Ideal for city driving

NAWA Racer black
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NAWA Racer has 186 mileage which is fantastic on city roads. The boost capability and regenerative braking allow you to spend more time on the road.

NAWA Racer handlebars
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The handlebars are designed to give the rider a firm grip and the bike has nimble handling. Other bikes might be better on dirt roads, but this is one of the best for town.

1 The future is here

Superb Racer NAWA Black
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In 2019, NAWA Technologies announced its intention to exhibit the concept of the NAWA Racer, which finally took place in January 2020 at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. At the show, the world’s first all-electric hybrid ultracapacitor NAWA Racer was presented.

NAWA Racer red
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What was then just a simple prototype and concept has now debuted at the EICMA show in Milan, Italy. Although serial production plans are still unknown, gearboxes are happy because the future is here.

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