10 things every motorcycle enthusiast should know about the Harley Davidson Softail 2022 standard

The Softail series has always been a fan favorite among American cruise motorcycle enthusiasts. Since the launch of the Harley davidson Softail Standard a few years ago, it managed to bring out the soulful character of the brand, which many previous nicknames have missed. Coming with the same Milwaukee-Eight V-twin engine mated to the 6-speed gearbox and belt drive, the Standard Softail is back in Avatar 2022.

The Softail Standard does not make any major mechanical changes, compared to the outgoing 2021 model. The design and features also see no change. The beautifully designed exterior with chrome and blackened elements, the design language of the quintessential American cruisers and the sweet sound of the V-twin engine also remains unchanged. With a starting MSRP of $ 13,599, the 2022 Softail Standard is here to compete with models like the Triumph Bonneville Bobber and the Harley-Davidson Street Bob.

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ten The Milwaukee-Eight engine is a torque monster

The Milwaukee-Eight single overhead cam 45 ° V-twin engine supplied with the Standard Softail delivers 72 hp and 99 lb-ft of torque. As a cruiser, torque is what sets this bike apart from its rivals. The 99 lb-ft of torque comes out at a ridiculously low 2,500 rpm, which makes overtaking very easy.


Just twist the throttle from any gear and the Softail Standard moves forward like a freight train. Downshifts are not necessary in most cases, which makes driving fairly easy. Mid-range performance is also deceptive. As far as the gearbox is concerned, this 6-speed unit offers short initial gears and a high 5th and 6th gear. This contributes to city driving as well as excellent cruising ability.

9 The low rumble of the V-Twin sounds good

via: Harley-Davidson

Being an air and oil cooled V-twin engine, the Harley-Davidson Softail Standard has that quintessential potato sound that Harleys are famous for. This 45 ° V-twin sounds great at low revs, which can be felt while riding the streets. The right bass and volume are perfect for your daily commute.


Even when driving fast, the original exhaust is perfectly fine, as the sound is more than enough for a pleasant driving experience. Since the volume isn’t overkill like some of the aftermarket exhausts, it doesn’t pierce your ears, which is an added bonus when cruising on highways or winding roads.

8 Braking performance is nothing out of the ordinary

2022 Harley Davidson Softail Standard

The braking equipment offered with the 2022 Harley-Davidson Softail Standard leaves a lot to be desired. Comes with a 4-piston fixed caliper with 300mm disc up front and a 2-piston floating caliper with 292mm disc at the rear, the brakes do not perform adequately, especially in an emergency. .


The front brakes don’t have the feel and feedback you expect from such an expensive motorcycle. The initial bite and progression are also poor at best. When it comes to the rear brakes, this could easily be one of the worst of the lot. The rear brakes are not enough to stop this heavy motorcycle from highway speed. However, ABS is optional.

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seven The design will attract a lot of eyeballs

Softail Standard 2020
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The 2022 Harley-Davidson Softail Standard looks cool and imposing from every angle. The front view is enhanced with the help of the vintage-inspired circular headlight, a shortened fender and chrome end caps glued to conventional forks. The Ape Hanger handlebar is also exceptional, which sets it apart from its competition.


However, it’s the side profile that looks best for the Standard Softail. The beautifully designed tank with Harley-Davidson embossing, chrome headers, exhaust and engine heads, and invisible rear suspension give it a very premium look. The rear receives an LED tail light and massive 150 / 80B 16 “tires, which is not common on many motorcycles.

6 Slight vibrations will not spoil the driving experience

Black 2021 Harley-Davidson Softail Standard in Showroom
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The Harley-Davidson Softail Standard comes with the same 1746cc Milwaukee-Eight 107 V-Twin engine that is used on many other motorcycles in the Harley-Davidson team. Since this is an air-cooled, long-stroke engine, vibration is always present no matter what speed and RPM you are in. However, this is by no means a deciding factor.

via Harley-Davidson

The Softail Standard has very minor vibrations in the lower rev range. These are the handlebars and the footrests and can be seen as the inherent character of this engine. However, you don’t feel any major vibration at mid-throttle (especially at highway speeds). At higher revs, the Standard Softail delivers vibrations to the seats and handlebars. However, the bike does not offer any growl at the upper rev range and there is no point in turning the nuts.

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5 Perfect ergonomics make it an excellent cruiser

2021 Harley-Davidson Softail Standard exterior;  side view
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Even though the Softail Standard 2022 comes with an Ape Hanger handlebars, it turned out to be surprisingly comfortable. The handlebars are wide and high enough and the switchgear is in the right position, which makes riding quite easy and pleasant. The forward footrests are also a boon during highway cruising.


As for the seats, unlike the Fat Bob which comes with super plush seats, the Softail Standards seat is slightly harder. This makes it more comfortable on long rides, which is not the case with the Fat Bob. The side brace is excellent, and the rider won’t complain about the legroom offered, even for the tallest of riders.

4 Quite flickable in the corners


Even with an archaic suspension setup (49mm telescopic suspension with dual flex valve for the front and Coilover monoshock with adjustable spring preload for the rear), the Softail Standard 2022 is a relatively easy going motorcycle. Handling is easy and therefore filtering through city traffic is not as difficult as some of the other cruisers of the same brand.


With a wet weight of almost 650 lbs, the Softail Standard 2022 doesn’t feel that heavy unless the bike is stationary. With decent weight distribution, the Standard Softail could go through a tight turn at a relatively quick pace without feeling jittery. The bike also maintains the line perfectly and the rider will never lack confidence when pushing this super heavy bike.

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3 There are no sophisticated electronics to protect the rider

This is an area where the Softail standard disappoints many potential buyers. At a relatively high price point (especially compared to its rivals), this American cruiser lacks most of the features you would expect at this price point. The only safety feature on board is dual channel ABS (optional), which is a must.

Black 2021 Harley-Davidson Softail Standard in front of wood wall
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In comparison, the Triumph Bonneville Bobber comes standard with multiple traction control modes, drive modes, a more advanced instrument cluster with digital display and much more. However, the Softail Standard gets LED headlights and taillights, a keyless start system, and more which are all good to have.

2 The build quality and levels of refinement are more than acceptable


Being a Harley-Davidson, many people expect the bike to collapse within a few years because they were synonymous with poor quality control. However, the Softail 2022 standard is quite the opposite. Everything you can touch and feel is made of high quality materials and looks just as expensive as the steep price suggests.

Black 2021 Harley-Davidson Softail Standard in showroom;  side view
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The switchgear is clickable and has a tactile feel. The chrome handlebars, head and exhaust also seem to be able to last a lifetime. Other than that, the sturdy mirrors, thick footrests, and top-notch paint quality all indicate a markedly improved build quality and level of refinement.

1 Quite high price compared to rivals

Standard Harley-Davidson Softail 2021;  back view
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The 2022 Harley-Davidson Softail Standard comes at a ridiculously high price tag of $ 13,599. If you want to finance the bike, the monthly payment starts from $ 191. In comparison, the rivals of Triumph, BMW and Ducati have a better price-performance ratio. The lack of features and technology at such a high price point is also not impressive.


Aside from the base price, the optional Softail Standards 2022 accessories are very expensive and when fully equipped they could cost up to half the bike which is pretty ridiculous. Since this cruiser lacks a lot of essential features, most owners will most likely equip it with all the optional extras which will skyrocket the price.

Black 2021 Harley-Davidson Softail Standard in Showroom

2021 Harley-Davidson Softail Standard Costs, Facts and Figures

The bike has many additional features and specialized kits available, and it was designed for certain types of consumers.

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