10 Motorcycle Mods People Think Are Cool…But Really Aren’t

Most motorcycles are perfect from the factory. They have great driving positions, comfortable seats, nice sounding exhausts, and more. However, some manufacturers don’t invest in the best parts like headlights and mirrors. Replacing them with better performing parts can make your bike run better.

However, some riders make modifications to the point of making their bike look ugly. Not all modifications are ideal for a motorcycle, especially when they affect its safety. Below are some mods that seem cool to some people but really aren’t.

ten luminescent lights

Some riders think having glowing lights under their bikes is a good idea, thanks to the movies. Most of these modifications were common in the 90s, especially in the JDM automotive scene. However, installing LED lights under your bike is simply a waste of time and money.

Also, it poses a hazard when you hit a pothole or uneven area in the road and the incandescent light hangs. This modification looks incredibly unattractive and turns your bike into a neon sign on wheels.

9 Keyless ignition

Just because you have keyless start on your car doesn’t mean it’s ideal for your motorcycle. This modification does not make sense since you will still need your key for your gas tank; unless you plan on buying a keyless gas cap.

Having a gas cap without a key creates an opportunity for vandalism. Additionally, having a keyless ignition on your bike increases the risk of losing the key while riding. In a car, the key is always safe since you can place it in its dedicated location or in the cup holder.

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8 Carbon fiber parts

If you own or have seen a performance bike, chances are you will find a few carbon fiber components. Some riders try to emulate this by buying a plethora of carbon fiber parts for their bike. Yes, you can use carbon fiber to minimize the weight of your bike; however, it is not a must.

Buying a carbon fiber front and rear fender does not reduce the weight of your bike. Instead, it shows how much money you’re willing to waste on irrelevant parts. If you want carbon fiber on your bike, just buy a good trail bike with all the bells and whistles like the Kawasaki Ninja H2R.

seven Automatic flashing lights

Having a good headlight is essential for any motorcycle. Even if you don’t ride much at night, you can count on your headlight to light the way when you need it. However, do not go further to make the headlight flash constantly.

This modification does not look cool and is not safe for you and other road users. The idea behind having a flashing headlight is that you need to be noticed by other drivers. Instead, it becomes a huge distraction no matter the weather or the darkness. In addition, the flashing light is less effective than a single fixed beam.

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6 Luggage rack

If you are planning to go on a long trip with your motorcycle, you may have come across luggage racks. They help you carry your items and clothes while still allowing you to enjoy the ride. However, most riders who have these racks installed on their bikes can attest that they don’t often get used to their full capacity.

Instead of installing a rack system on your bike and never fully using it, you can get weatherproof bags and strap them on when you travel. Yes, it doesn’t look cool, but it’s efficient since you always carry what you need. If that doesn’t work for you, get an adventure bike that already has racks like the Ducati Multistrada V4.

5 Stereo systems

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to listen to music while driving. In a car, having a good stereo system is crucial, especially if you like music or audio books. However, this is not the case on a motorcycle. The wind is blowing around you, making it difficult to hear through the helmet.

Installing a stereo system on your bare bike, cafe racer or any other motorcycle is not going to be a cool mod. Instead, if you want to listen to music, you can get headsets and place them in the headset. It won’t provide the best listening experience, but you’ll at least use your navigation system while listening to your favorite content.

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4 Automatic chain lubricators

This might be a new concept for some people. However, some riders believe that having an automatic chain oiler will help extend the life of the chain. An automatic chain oiler promises to give your motorcycle chain a steady supply of oil.

However, having lube sitting dangerously close to the rear tire doesn’t seem like a good idea. Using this gadget is not the right way to be efficient or save time. Instead, you should lubricate your chain according to the owner’s manual. You can also take the bike to a professional and have them lubricate the chain.

3 Delete side mirror

From the factory, all street bikes have side mirrors. Most of these side mirrors don’t look great, but that’s not to say you should go ahead and remove them. Some cyclists believe that riding without side mirrors improves the aesthetics of their bike.

However, this is a dangerous modification since you are unaware of your surroundings. Additionally, aftermarket side mirrors are readily available and easy to install.

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2 Extended Motorcycle Swingarm

From the factory, your motorcycle has the perfect swingarm for everyday riding. Lengthening it changes the dynamics of the bike and makes it look worse. This is a necessary modification for dragsters who want their 200+ hp bikes to stay grounded when chasing the 9 second quarter mile time.

An extended swingarm for a street bike is irrelevant and a waste of your money. Instead, you can use the money to buy good quality rubber for your daily commute. Plus, you don’t need the extended swingarm to manage your bike’s torque on the road.

1 Loud exhaust pipes

Hearing the rumble of your motorcycle’s engine is one of the most satisfying sounds. However, that’s not a sign that you should get the loudest exhaust system on the market. Most aftermarket offerings have chat suppression to help produce more noise.

It’s not just insane; it could damage your bike, especially if it runs a little lean. Also, if you have an older bike, chances are it already sounds great out of the box. All you need is a slip-on to change its aesthetic and add sound.

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