10 cars that BMW really regrets having made


One thing we can say about Bmw is that they stay true to their age-old slogan of “pure driving pleasure”.

What they do better than almost any other manufacturer is design a car around the driver, which makes the driver feel like they are an integral part of the machine. In short; their cars are fun and engaging to drive. It doesn’t mean they don’t make a bad car or a slow salesperson.

Some of their more recent design work has been, to say the least, polarizing, and other cars are far less reliable than they should be.


Bmw i3

Via the BMW press

Right now the i3 has served them pretty well as an on-going research and development project, but it’s fair to say it’s running out enough for them. Taking a hit on every car they make eats away at their profit margins, although that’s understandable given that it’s their first mass-market electric vehicle.


via: BMW

With a high price tag and below average range, it’s nearing the end of its lifespan, and for most BMW executives that’s good news because their new iX3 should be a big seller.


Front 3/4 view of the first generation BMW X6


When it first came out most called the luxury SUV (or sports car on stilts) polarizing, now, a few years after the introduction of this first generation, we can all safely call it what it is; just plain ugly.

Rear 3/4 view of the first generation X6


Considering the cost of developing a new car, this rather odd niche car stands out like a sore thumb in their model lineup. They saw a hole and filled it with something, not really caring what that something was.

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BMW M6 E63-E64 via bmwblog 1

via bmwblog

After many years on the sidelines, the 6 Series made a rather low-key comeback, it wasn’t what nobody had really asked for or needed, and the M car was just an extension of a range. too extensive models.

2006 BMW M6 in Red

via maximum speed

This M car got the now infamous V10 from the even more infamous M5, which had a bad habit of going through rod bearings far too quickly for a modern vehicle.

Series 2 Gran Tourer


Even though it’s still on the market, no one, including BMW, knows why. MPV sales have been steadily declining for over two decades, but for some reason they decided to make one quite recently.


Via the automotive magazine

Not only that, but a premium-priced luxury minivan. It is beyond the belief that they are selling it at all, but they clearly are, seeing as they seem determined to promote it.

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M5 (E60)

E60 M5 in motion


This M5 model was first touted as the best M car of all time, some automotive journalists even went so far as to say it was the best BMW of all time. In 2005, its V10 supercar engine was even named Engine of the Year.

The BMW E60 M5 has a subtle and understated look

Via: AustralianCar.Reviews

This, in hindsight, was rather premature. While the super sedan had the power of a supercar, it also had the fragility of a supercar. Ball bearings were the biggest problem, failing long before the warranty expired and cost the company dearly and cost enthusiasts even more if the car was out of warranty.

335i (E90)

via maximum speed

If you thought BMW learned its lesson after being burnt by the V10, then you’ll be shocked to find that it wasn’t even their most problematic engine.

2013 BMW 3 Series 335i

Via: Cargurus

The N54 engine was by far the worst and most troublesome the brand has ever designed, to say the least. The 3 Series was perhaps the most affected by this, but it was by no means the only car that came with it.

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740i (F01)

Atlanta Cars

The N54 engine just didn’t have a place in their premium luxury sedan, but if you had the bad luck buying an entry-level 7 Series F01, this is exactly what you got.

4. https://blog.caranddriver.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/2011BMW740i.jpg

These engines came with all of BMW’s infamous flaws in the sun, from faulty vano solenoids to high pressure pump failures; it was an absolute disaster for the brand and gave them something of a PR nightmare with all the callbacks these cars endured.

Z4 (G29)

A silver BMW Z4 M40i in motion

Via Google / Engine1

To be fair, the Z4 is a very good sports car that is actually quite reasonably priced. The problem was how they did the development.

The side view of a silver BMW Z4 M40i

Via Google / Times Leader

To save money, they pooled their resources with Toyota in the development of their new Supra. By all accounts, this confused enthusiasts from both camps who do not traditionally cross-shop. We can now say with some certainty that there is more BMW DNA in the car, but most buyers were already put off before its launch.

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BMW M Coupe

Bmw z3m

source: wsupercars.com

The “Boot Car” is arguably one of the most underrated sports cars of all time. The sad reality was that when he came out people hated him. Thanks to its rather odd proportions, it has gone under the radar for its entire lifespan.

Bmw z3m

source: wsupercars.com

Obviously, the Z3 more than made up for the lack of sales, but in the end, making these cars wasn’t worth it from a purely commercial standpoint.


BMW Isetta Bubble Car in White and Blue

via BMW

Most brands have a “good for the era” car in their history and for BMW that was it. As a motorcycle maker and car maker, you might think it was just an experience for them, but they didn’t even really do it.

Bmw isetta

Via BMW Media

In truth, they desperately wanted to make sales and things weren’t going well for them after the war. They actually sold them under license from Italian automaker ISO, which is hardly believable today, but at the time it was used to save the company. It also survives as their weirdest car, one they certainly regret having made (or at least having a license).

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