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Independence (also independence or autonomy) stands for: Do you really want me to become self-employed? Is it possible to succeed as a self-employed without a network? The term independence has two meanings. On the one hand, it is declared as self-responsible action that bears the consequences for its actions, on the other hand, it means independence.

Self-employed in Part-time Employment – What you should know if you are self-employed in a part-time job!

Self-employed in Part-time Employment - What you should know if you are self-employed in a part-time job!

Self-employment is always a big problem. Even if you work as a sideline, you should not take it lightly. 2. Can anyone start their own business alongside their job? Employees in the Federal Republic have the basic right to work independently as well as to work. Therefore, the conditions must always be checked before starting work.

The vast majority of cases are not problematic for self-employed with part-time employment, unless this has a negative impact on the main employment sector. In addition, the bill requires that part-time self-employment be seen as minor. As a result, there is no overlap with the main activity and also the income is inferior.

Although the circumstances are clarified with the employer, there are still some administrative procedures that need to be completed by the beginning of part-time employment. Of course, part-time earnings and expenses must also be reported in the income tax return. The health insurance funds must also be informed about independent secondary employment. Depending on the type of employment and the income level, the monthly contribution may change due to part-time work.

Health insurance is always a priority for all part-time employees.

Health insurance is always a priority for all part-time employees.

Self-employment as a sideline: Is it worth it? If you have a business idea and want to try it on a small scale, ask yourself, of course, whether it would be worthwhile at all to start your own business. Of course, there are certain advantages financially.

However, market success is by no means guaranteed. In addition, part-time work often requires a lot of effort and investment long before a single USD is redeemed. In addition, not only the question of money is relevant for a part-time job. As a self-employed person, you have a lot of work to do in your spare time, so you can pay less attention to friends and relatives.

Therefore, it requires a certain endurance to self-employment as a sideline. As a sideline – and after? In the rarest cases, it is part of a permanent plan to become self-employed alongside the profession. However, it is even harder to achieve such a corporate goal than self-employment alongside one’s own profession. In addition to the income, the authority and the entrepreneur must be informed as soon as it turns out that their own company could replace the profession in the near future.

The secondary activity is for the health insurance, which is still perceived by the entrepreneur, not significant; it may be necessary to pay a small additional amount. On the other hand, if you become self-employed on a full-time basis, you will have to pay the insurances entirely out of your own income. In this case, however, it is open to anyone to switch to a private hedge.

Even if great progress is made in the beginning, the path to complete independence should be well thought out. The secondary activity is an excellent second pillar and partly also a hedge against the workplace. Even with a well-run company, it’s worthwhile spending some time aside from working life before taking the plunge into complete independence.