Loan for Freelancer Experience

All the more important is a competent credit intermediary as a service provider to the self-employed, craftsmen and self-employed, who helps self-employed, craftsmen and self-employed to credit / credit through his contacts with banks and experience in the loan brokerage. In addition to immediate online pre-approval and quick payouts, the freelance loan scores with free special repayments. Therefore, many banks offer additional loans for self-employed or freelancers. Whether a lawyer or tax consultant, freelance web text editor or online editor – freelancers have a problem in the search for credit: they have no fixed salary. The MetLoan loan can be applied for by persons with permanent employment as well as by self-employed persons and freelancers who are subject to trade tax.

Loan for freelancers – a true Herculean task!

Loan for freelancers - a true Herculean task!

Of course, freelancers sometimes find themselves in a position to overcome a funding shortage or make an acquisition that can not be financed from their own resources. In such a case, the repayment loan is the right choice – for freelancers it is anything but a matter of course.

Unfortunately, a waiver for freelancers is, unfortunately, the norm with cheap lenders. Freelancers are – like other self-employed – already kicked out in the online application and often get the hint: Rental refusal! The refusal of freelancers to lend is usually due to the lack of regular income serving as collateral for the credit institutions.

Freelancers are barely able to produce documents that show that they regularly contribute a certain amount of income over a long period of time. Even with a reported net income of USD 4,000, many banks closed the counter during our test when we took out a loan of USD 10,000. What should freelancers do when they need a loan and are solvent enough to take care of the loan taken?

For many banks, the online application process already makes clear what a way out could be: If freelancers state there that a second, solid employee takes the loan as a borrower, then the possibilities of the desired loan increase massively. Our surveys at various banks have shown that anonymous online business with installment loans for freelancers is not a matter of course.

The contact person should therefore also be your own bank, because there you should know very well about the economic development of the potential borrower. As a result, the loan is usually a lot more expensive than the grid, since only a few banks have really market-conforming conditions. This type of loan provides the freelancer with a line of credit over which he can hold up to a fixed maximum limit.

This has the big advantage: freelancers can quickly compensate for times of financial weakness.

This has the big advantage: freelancers can quickly compensate for times of financial weakness.

The disadvantage, however, is that in most cases no fixed interest rate is fixed, but the interest rate depends on the respective market segment. Ie. when interest rates rise, borrowers themselves have to calculate with an increase in interest rates. In addition, only a few banks offer such a call credit.

Attention, however, if the current account credit is to be used as a credit substitute. For many banks, the discretionary interest is still ten percentage points, making the cost of borrowing a loan so much more expensive.